Texas to sue Biden Admin, he’s breaking the law every day


Steven Miller, a former Trump advisor, is now working with America First Legal. Currently, he is working with Texas AG Paxton to stop this flood of illegal immigration, many with COV-19. He is going to sue the administration. American citizens have been debased by what Biden is doing. Americans can’t do anything, but illegal aliens are exempt from the Draconian COV rules.

This lawsuit is very important and will decide the future of our country.

“I’m working with attorney general Ken Paxton,” Miller said, “who is a true patriot and we should all be grateful to him, to sue the Biden administration on behalf of the people of Texas for flooding their state with untested, Covid infected illegal immigrants.

“The fundamental question here, Tucker, at the heart of this whole issue is whether American citizens are second-class citizens in their own country. You talked about it on your show.

“For months now, Americans have been forced to have their businesses closed, their schools closed, their lives disrupted, their dreams shattered, all because we are told we can’t be close to each other, and one group of people, one group alone has been held out by the Biden administration as being subject to none of those rules.

“Yet these are the people who have no right to be here at all — illegal immigrants coming in violation of the law. I submit to you if any private administration, any business, any home in this country was run the way the border is being run it would be shut in no time flat.”

The case will decide if Americans are in charge of their own country.

There is a regulation that says these people must go home and Joe Biden is breaking the law every day.

There is more, watch:


At the same time, Leftist groups are working to bring in any deported illegal alien, claiming they were deported unfairly.

‘America’s Voice’ is one of those well-funded open borders groups that wants them back and they have tons of cash to pay lawyers to bring them back as they hound the imbecile in the White House.

They wrote in an email to Independent Sentinel:

Immigrant rights advocates, along with deported community members and their families, will hold a virtual briefing to unveil a proposal for the Biden administration to establish a process to allow people who have been unjustly deported from the United States a chance to come home.

The briefing — hosted by the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC), Ohio Immigrant Alliance, New York University Law School Immigrant Rights Clinic, and We Are Home Campaign — will be held in conjunction with the release of NIJC’s new white paper, “A Chance to Come Home: A Roadmap to Bring Home the Unjustly Deported.” The paper proposes a centralized Department of Homeland Security office to consider requests from deported individuals seeking to reunite with their loved ones and communities in the United States. The review process would operate separately from Immigration and Customs Enforcement and help redress the injustices of an immigration system which has become overly reliant on punitive enforcement and deportation. The proposal borrows from similar mechanisms already used in the criminal legal system to redress wrongful convictions.

WHAT: Advocates, along with deported individuals and their families, will brief press and allies on their proposed roadmap to welcome home the unjustly deported and explain why a centralized office to redress injustices in the system is needed.

WHO: Advocates from the National Immigrant Justice Center, Ohio Immigrant Alliance, and New York University Law School Immigrant Rights Clinic, and We Are Home Campaign, as well as individuals who have been unjustly deported and their loved ones.

The people involved are very, very, very far-Left and hate this country. It’s hard to see how we survive these communists. We need more action from the states or they won’t have any more states’ rights. They are the only ones now who aren’t governed by the hard-Left.

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