Woman on plane’s racist rant is mainstream BLM ideology


A black woman on a plane won’t let any white person pass her, even the hostess, because white privilege is over.

The following video rant is mainstream Black Lives Matter ideology. This isn’t just some random crazy on a plane. You can thank the Democrats for this psychotic identity politics platform.

She accuses people of white privilege for trying to pass her, and then goes on one of the most racist rants I’ve heard.

Identity politics in general is just used as an excuse by many folks to be just as awful as the problem which they claim they are trying to correct.

She calls herself a queen, and a girl trying to talk her out of her behavior “a little shit.”

She tells the hostess to stop running off her mouth.

“They don’t teach hate in our houses” implying they do in all non-black households while later saying “You’re just scared because you can’t procreate” implying genetic inferiority. “Bow down, get on your knees,” She yells. Yeah, they definitely didn’t teach hate in your house.

We’re ending “racism” but yet she goes on a rant about how she is the queen, bow to her, black is best, and white is in inferior. She does not want racial equality, she wants racism against whites, just like the rest of BLM.

She went into some insane biology lesson.

Then the nice black policeman escorted her off the plane.

White liberals started this white privilege racism.

If you like what you see, vote Democrat because there will be a lot more of this.


Shorter clip:

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