Woman shot by Capitol Police dies – updated with video of shooting


President Trump had every right to give the speech he did today, and the crowds who went to D.C. had every right to protest. Unfortunately, once the protesters broke into the Capitol, they became criminals. So far, thirteen people have been arrested.

We don’t yet know who the ringleaders of the break-in are.

Newsmax heard that there were provocateurs in the crowd and are investigating.


A West Virginia lawmaker took a video of himself and other supporters of President Donald Trump rushing into the U.S. Capitol after they breached the security perimeter.

In the video by Republican Del. Derrick Evans, later deleted from his social media page, he is shown wearing a helmet and clamoring at the door to breach the building in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. [Imagine putting that up on your own page?]


A pro-Trump protester wrapped in a Trump flag was shot in the neck through a window in a closed door by a Capitol Hill police officer. It will be investigated and needs to be. She has died.

We now know she was a female Air Force vet. Ashli Babbit was married and lived around San Diego, her husband told KUSI-TV.

This is the video but it’s very disturbing and shows her being shot as she appears to climb on a door with a large window (it’s been banned by social media). She was unarmed. There will be an investigation.

Another clip:


The election was corrupt. Mail-in voting is corrupt. And President Trump was treated terribly for the past four years.

Unfortunately, President Trump is blaming Vice President Pence, who couldn’t reject electoral votes constitutionally. We cannot demand others to follow the Constitution and then pick and choose what we will abide by.

President Trump gave his message to supporters:


Twitter took it down for violating its rules.

Joe Biden gave a speech condemning the violence as well. The only problem is he never did the same with the Democrat Antifa or Black Lives Matter. He is not a strong leader.

Vice President Pence Condemned the violence:

Donald Trump Jr. also condemned the violence:

Updates include the video of the shooting and the information about the W. Virginia delegate. We also added the video of Trump’s speech after it was banned by Twitter

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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
2 years ago

As Republican boot lickers scurry to mics to DENOUNCE violence
As ALL AADEMICRATS rejoice their THEFT of a Nation
What we are seeing are people literally at their wits end

Betrayed by politicians
Betrayed by the courts
After DECADES of sheer TORMENT


Fundamental Transformations Are Overrated
Fundamental Transformations Are Overrated
2 years ago

Just sad was the immediate reaction upon seeing the photo.
I still think it was symbolic with the flag.
It will last like a Robert Capa photograph.
Burning and looting is fine or camping out in the speaker’s chair like a court jester but just what did she do to warrant a bullet?
There was a page earlier that said the burn it all down brigades would don MAGA gear and go full agent provocateur.

2 years ago
2 years ago

It appears the window was gone and she attempted to climb through it.

2 years ago

There is a report by Paul Sperry, I think, and Posobiec that a bus-load of Antifa infiltrated the supporters, and may have been the ones breaking the window in the door.