Wordy Kamala Stands Up for Ukraine’s Sovereignty


So I am here because this is a community in the Mississippi Delta that has a long history of being part of America’s history, including having the needs that should be met.

~ Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris sat downpour a typical interview with Joy Reid, making a fool of herself. She used an awful lot of words to say nothing and to definitely not answer the question. She mentioned that she spoke to heads of state about this issue, whatever issue she meant, and everyone in all the countries she went to is very grateful to her and Joe for reinvigorating the relationship between the US and the EU.

If that’s how the heads of state actually feel, they must be as feeble minded as Joe and Kamala. No wonder we are nearly involved in World War III.

Harris also said they’re grateful to be fighting for what’s so important – “sovereignty and territorial integrity” in Ukraine! This is as her administration destroys the sovereignty and integrity of the United States.

She is dumb. This entire situation is very pathetic. Thank a Democrat.


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