Worst Case of Bird Flu Ever, 50M Birds Culled


The US is experiencing the worst Avian flu outbreak in its history, with 50.54 million birds culled. They culled the birds to contain the virus.

According to Bloomberg:  “The virus has mostly impacted turkey and egg operations, sending prices to all-time highs and contributing to soaring food inflation. While the spread slowed during the warmer months, it continued to fester and now risks further spread as cooling temperatures prompt more birds to migrate.”

We now have egg hyperinflation.

Bird flu is highly pathogenic and is expected to continue spreading into 2023 while devastating even more commercial farms. Expect eggs and chicken prices to continue climbing.

They want to vaccinate the turkeys and chickens. No surprises there!

And they want the absurd zero-tolerance measure. The following is via VOX:

Leslie Sims, a bird influenza expert who’s led vaccination programs in Asia, said at the Paris meeting that research about the threat of silent infection could be “overinterpreted.”

“There’s no logical reason why we can’t design systems to allow us to make sure that in places where a vaccine is being used, it’s being used in a way which retains zero tolerance for infection,” Sims said.

Zero?  That is ridiculous. It won’t stop at bird flu if this becomes a measure for anything.

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