WOW! Informant Ties Manafort-Tony Podesta-Hillary Clinton to Russia Collusion


A Podesta Group informant has contacted Tucker Carlson who met with him this evening. The source said he was motivated to contact Tucker because of his disgust over the collusion stories. He claims that John and Tony Podesta, Paul Manafort and Hillary Clinton were in deep collusion — together — with Russia.

The informant says the media is getting it all wrong.

Mueller is looking into the Podesta Group, a group closely tied to Hillary Clinton, the source told Tucker but it’s also about Hillary and Uranium One.

Carlson said, “The central effort to extend Russian influence was focused on the executive branch, the Obama administration. The vehicle through which [Paul] Manafort worked for the Russians was a shell group called the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine. The group was supposedly based in Belgium but had no offices there. It had only two employees, both based in Ukraine.

“Their telephone number in Brussels rang in Kiev. It was a sham, yet it had a presence in Washington. The European Centre for a Modern Ukraine was a major client of the Podesta Group. Why did the Russians choose the Podesta Group? Because both Podestas were close to the Clintons, and Hillary was then Secretary of State. She could get things done for the Podestas’ Russian clients. It was influence peddling, the most obvious kind,” he continued.

Carlson said the source described the very close ties of Hillary Clinton to Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group.

“At one point, in either 2013 or early 2014, our source says a meeting was held that included both Tony Podesta and a representative of the Clinton Foundation. The explicit subject of that meeting: How to assist Uranium One, the Russian-owned company which controls 20 percent of U.S. uranium production capacity, and whose board members gave more than $100 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. As our source put it, ‘Tony Podesta was basically part of the Clinton Foundation.’”

According to Carlson, Manafort was also in on the scheme.

“According to our source, Manafort was clear that Russia wanted to cultivate ties to Hillary Clinton, in the belief she was likely to become president,” he said during the segment.

“These links to Hillary were apparently valuable to the Russian; our source believes that the Russian money Manafort funneled to the Podesta Group greatly exceeds the roughly $1 million they were officially paid. That’s what he said. Some of these payments, he said, could be hidden kickbacks that would be hard to trace.”

The source talked about the sham that was the Podesta Group.

“The source we spoke to has been interviewed extensively by Robert Mueller’s independent investigation. In press accounts, Mueller’s investigation is still framed as a hunt for collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia,” Tucker said.

“Our source says investigators are very interested in Manafort’s behavior while he ran the Trump campaign, but otherwise that description is mostly bogus. The investigation has broadened to determine which people and organizations in Washington have spent years working secretly as de facto operatives on behalf of the Russia government. The Podesta Group is chief among these de facto foreign operatives. ‘They’re are more focused on facilitators of Russian influence in this country, not election collusion,’ our source said. The Podesta Group is ‘in their crosshairs.’”

The name of the informant is secret for now but Tucker and his team are checking the story  and will have more to say during the week.

Don’t start dreaming that Hillary will be prosecuted. Maybe this is a ploy of some kind. Hillary will just say the source is full of “baloney” and the media will report only that.

We have a suggestion for a placement for Hillary — Camp GITMO.

Fox better hire bodyguards for this source unless he’s a fraud.

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