Wow! Tara Reade’s mom called Larry King’s show about the assault?


The Intercept reported that then-Senator Joe Biden allegedly sexually assaulted a staffer in 1993. The victim, Tara Reade stated that her mom called in to CNN’s Larry King Live in 1993, to ask for advice on how to deal with the situation.

Intercept journalist Ryan Grim quoted Reade as telling him: “I remember it being an anonymous call and her saying my daughter was sexually harassed and retaliated against and fired, where can she go for help? I was mortified.”

Grim and The Intercept determined this occurred on the Wednesday, August 11, 1993 edition of Larry King’s CNN show.

Reade told the DCNF that she had told reporters her mother called the Larry King show about her alleged assault.

“I just heard audio, my mother died and hearing her voice made me cry. She was such a good mom and always watching out for me even now,” she said, adding that the video proves what she has been saying: “that I was forced out and wanted to come forward in 1993.”


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