Speaker Pelosi’s abominable lie to hurt the President


Speaker Pelosi lied again today. She continually lies to damage the president. Friday, she called out Trump for trying to get “people to inject Lysol into their lungs.”

President Trump never told anyone to inject Lysol or any household cleaner into their lungs. He went off script and asked what some might say is a dumb question as we all do here and there. This should never have been a story and it’s being blown up more by the divisive Speaker.


President Trump wasn’t talking about Lysol, he was talking about getting the sunlight into the body in some other way.

As Dr. Birx said, he was just digesting the information and he likes to think out loud.

There is no story here. It’s another manufactured crisis by the corrupt media who are in cahoots with the Democrats.

And for another lie — she accused him of rejecting science. All the President does is surround himself with doctors, many think too much so. Everything he has done, as Dr. Fauci has said, was in response to suggestions by Dr. Fauci and he followed them immediately.

President Trump’s three-step process for the re-opening of the economy was signed off on by Drs. Fauci and Birx.

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