WOW! Testimony by a USPS driver in Madison, Wisconsin is staggering


The USPS driver, Ethan Peases, is neither a Biden or Trump supporter. He has no dog in the fight. He voted for the Libertarian candidate.

At great expense to himself, with no upside, he testified that 100,000 ballots were likely fraudulently added. Also, the supervisor admitted she was ordered to backdate ballots that came in too late.

Additionally, workers would ask people who they voted for, and if they said Trump, they threw the ballots in the trash.

The day after the election, the supervisors claimed to be looking for 100,000 missing ballots, but he checked, and he knows he didn’t leave any behind.

He said he feels the people of Wisconsin and America need to know what happened.

Why aren’t people arrested? Where is Bill Barr and the DoJ?





  1. Enforcement of laws is impossible when the justice department is part of the criminal conspiracy. There are 5 years of history clearly showing that, which is inaction by the DOJ to several major criminal conspiracies with the evidence in their possession. The DOJ is the key to destroying the USA. This coup is not possible without Barr’s participation. That is something which no one in DC dares state. This was the intention from the start, to let the criminals roam free, a green light for more crimes, and to destroy Trump’s presidency. There is no ineptness in Barr’s actions. He has no obstacles in enforcing the law. He did it out of his free will. He has exhibited consistency is his oath violation. By his inactions and the incredible damage done, with the nation at stake, he is the most corrupt person in US history.

  2. Maintain a high profile and be careful out there EP. There needs to be a break on the closed system of the Uniparty where other political parties at least have a chance.
    That would mean that the people actually have a voice and we know that is anathema to the swamp scum.
    If they aren’t dealt with then they will take us all down into hell with them.
    Dealing with reality isn’t negative as there is nothing more positive than survival.

  3. Ten years i have been telling you what would happen……and now….it’s here. Ready or not…’s here. Your enemy will always MAKE you chose to do the thing you least want to do…’s how enemies work. Relentless assaults until you have no choice. Ten years ago, the battle would have been over in one day……now….you are the weak one and arrayed against are powerful interests. Your individual freedom is as stake as it has been since the beginning of time. Some generation are called to sacrifice for the future……your choice. The leftist communist democrat party has destroyed the President and fixed an election. Now…..?

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