Writing’s on the wall for Hong Kong as Communists take over


Life under leftist favorite President Xi is not grand and we do think some of their political leaders could be the governor of New Jersey or Michigan. Freedoms can easily be taken and once lost, they are usually lost forever. For example, as hard as they fought, Hong Kong as it existed is now facing extinction and will soon be under full communist rule.

Keep in mind, that the first victims of China’s communist tyrants are the Chinese people, including Muslims, and the people of Hong Kong.

When Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule two decades ago, the city was seen as a model of what China might one day become: prosperous, modern, international, with the broad protections of the rule of law.

It’s the same misguided notion the USA had from Richard Nixon on through every president since. The communists will see what life can be like under capitalism and want that for the people, but they never did see that through their ideology of greed. The elite saw a way to make enough money for themselves to one day take over, not only Hong Kong, but the world.

China clearly has visions of global control. For example, during this crisis, they bought up struggling companies supplying the world with PPEs. They have control of the U.S. medical supply chain and have said they want to be the drugstore for the world. That’s only one area they control. Our congress hasn’t done anything about it yet.

Hong Kong has more immediate worries — immediate extinction.


Hong Kong is in the last throes of the communist takeover.

The pro-democracy leaders are being rounded up in Hong Kong under the guise of virus protection.

Just like Facebook, the organizers of protests are under arrest. Will we ever see them again?

With much of the world focused on battling the coronavirus pandemic, Hong Kong police over the weekend arrested 15 of the city’s highest-profile political, legal and media opposition figures linked to the 2019 pro-democracy protests.

The surprise crackdown included 81-year-old lawyer Martin Lee, dubbed the “father” of Hong Kong democracy; media tycoon and long-time critic of China’s Communist party Jimmy Lai; and leading social activist and former legislator Lee Cheuk-yan.

Like the governors who wanted Facebook to take down the pages of organizers of protests, the Chinese communists are insisted this is for the sake of safety.

China is in the final stages of taking over Hong Kong. Taiwan will be next.

They might be framing the pro-democracy leaders:


Meanwhile, one woman in Hainan allegedly sent a message to her family and was allegedly arrested. She told her family to hurry and buy rice.

There is a possible export shortage on the horizon and they have gone through this before. In fact, the elders allegedly told this woman to buy rice.


Like Democrat media, teachers are possibly about to face orders to lie in support of the government tale about the Wuhan Virus.

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