Wu’s Klux Klan Blames Boston Crime on White Supremacists


Dangerous people are crossing our borders, and thousands have ended up in Boston and in other areas of Massachusetts. So what does the racist mayor of Boston tell everyone to worry about? She wants them all to worry about white supremacists and hate. Meanwhile, she could hardly be less hateful.

I’d like to see who all these white supremacists are. There is one small group called the  Patriot Front group, which no Republican supports or knows much about. They haven’t gotten violent or committed crimes. They’re a small group of fools the Left uses to demonize all Republicans and all white people.

The person who posted the video below, Eric Abbenante, wrote:

Michelle Wu – Boston Mayor – is an overt racist who has a history of incendiary comments about white people. She is in the news for her “Whites only” holiday invitations.

Here is Michelle Wu describing how the Boston Police Department works with the FBI to surveil speech to combat a “growing rise and trend in white supremacy and hate”. She also encourages Boston citizens to snitch on Boston white people by monitoring their social media.


“Across the Boston police department, the transit police, the state police, the FBI, and all of our partners in law enforcement and public safety,” Mayor Wu said, “there is constant communication about the impending actions of any known groups.

“We continue to monitor the situation and to work closely with community members. Most of all, we want to ensure that community members are empowered in communicating anything that you may see or hear or read about on social media to please err on the side of reaching out to local public safety officials so that we can have the most information at hand. [Hitler encouraged snitching on neighbors and family]

“And we will continue to work in partnership with community members as we strategize and plan and coordinate to respond to not one-off incidents but this growing rise and trend in white supremacy and hate.”

The hate is coming from racist Michelle Wu. She showed who she is this week.

Wu is just another hardcore leftist who will say anything for the cause. It’s not okay to encourage hate and division.

Wu isn’t worried about the criminals pouring in.

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