WW III Psychos In Our Government


Seth Cropsey, the former Navy Undersecretary, writes at Defense One that he wants to see a no-fly zone over Taiwan, a non-NATO nation. He also believes the US should be willing to strike the Chinese mainland. At the same time, General Breedlove is on his war tour, calling for “boots on the ground.”

As soon as the no-fly zone is established, the shooting starts. China has made that clear. Before it’s over, Taiwan would be reduced to rubble, and we’d be at war with China and her allies.

Cropsey isn’t under any delusion this will not lead to war. He knows it will. The former Undersecretary also wants to bracket Taiwan with a naval strike force, send in tanker aircraft, and says we should be willing to STRIKE THE CHINESE MAINLAND.

“Unless the U.S. is willing to strike the Chinese mainland—an option that policymakers should consider despite their political aversion to it—the U.S. must expand its tactical air fleet,” he says.


Then we have the former US Commander of NATO, a lunatic, continuing his advocacy of war tour. The Times UK describes Breedlove as “advising the Biden administration on Ukraine”

The Times UK:

Nato must not be cowed by President Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons and should send troops to establish a forward supply base for military and humanitarian supplies in Ukraine, the former top US commander in Europe told The Times.

As more heavy weapons are sent to the region, General Philip Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe from 2013 to 2016, said it was time to stand up to Putin by putting boots on the ground in Ukraine. “We must respect the fact that Putin might use nukes but we shouldn’t be paralysed by it,” he said.

“Boots on the ground” means having combat troops deployed in a foreign country. It’s an act of war.

Breedlove ran NATO’s military operations during the critical period when the Ukraine government was overthrown in 2014 during the Maidan Revolution. It put Soros into Ukraine and Minsk 2 was buried.


The US Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State visited Ukraine this weekend, and it was almost immediately followed by explosions in one of Russia’s military logistics hubs 100 miles inside Russian territory. The US has bragged that it will provide Ukraine with intel for “offensive” combat operations.

Last week, the NYT confirmed it was Ukraine’s military that exploded the hub inside Russia. The US is now party to attacks inside Russian territory. This is the road we travel.

So, the NY Times headline yesterday read: U.S. Says It Wants Russian Military ‘Weakened’.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke to reporters Monday after a trip to Ukraine. Mr. Austin said the United States hopes to see Russia’s military capabilities reduced so that “it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.”

Austin noted happily that Russia lost a lot of troops.

This isn’t an act of war?

The additional $800 million in U.S. defense aid would equip five Ukrainian artillery battalions and include new attack drones, John F. Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, said.

Is that poking the bear or what?

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