X User Starts an Enemies List of Israel-Supporting Celebrities


A basically anonymous X user called KodStrangeer, with 19,500 followers, posted a hit list of celebrities who supported Israel after the October 7 massacre. Cancel culture is heinous, but this is beyond the pale. The post has 63.1 million views, 93,000 bookmarks, 422,000 likes, and 165,000 reposts.

The person’s feed is filled with music, French phrases, and occasional concerns about humanity. It seems contrived, with endless streams of posts and little involvement from the user. This person could be any gender, live anywhere in the world, and have any number of motives. However, the user, who seems to be in France, can stir up a lot of anger.

A number of commenters said they’d follow the celebrities and condemned the user’s actions. The thread made the thread reader.


Merriam-Webster has a dubious definition of cancel culture. They call it a “mass withdrawal of support from public figures or celebrities who have done things that aren’t socially accepted today.”

That’s not accurate. The definition whitewashes a Stalinist tactic, and it’s not only celebrities being canceled. Cancel culture is the character assassination of people by agenda-driven, self-appointed smear merchants who want to control others. That’s my definition, and I’m as qualified as Merriam-Webster woke toadies.

When you look for a definition of “enemies list,” you get politics. Wikipedia: Nixon’s Enemies List” is the informal name of what started as a list of President of the United States Richard Nixon’s major political opponents.

Enemies lists are as old as written history. A synonym would be a hit list like the one Barack Obama kept.

if you click her post, she has a long list.

Another reminder:

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