Xenophobic, Racist, Hateful Trudeau Ramps Up Deportations of Those Looking for a Better Life


Canada is ramping up deportations of the illegals flooding in from the United States to welcoming Canada. The economic migrants pretending they are refugees are straining their system.

They are arresting them, detaining them and sending them back to the US, not their home country! Did you know Canadians are incredibly hateful, bigoted, racist and xenophobic about people who just want a better life?

We are being sarcastic of course and realize many Canadians didn’t criticize the US but they did elect the pajama boy who called out the President for not wanting all the huddled masses including criminals on our shores without being vetted.

Many Canadians found his comments irresponsible, like Conservative parliamentarian Michelle Rempel.

“This situation started with Prime Minister [Justin] Trudeau’s irresponsible tweets and he has a responsibility to fix it,” Rempel said in a statement, referring to January tweets Trudeau sent touting Canada’s welcome of refugees after a U.S. travel ban was unveiled.

He’s been highly critical of our right to remain a sovereign nation and he’s been brutal towards our President.

Big shot Justin Trudeau responded to Donald Trump’s immigration ban by saying Canada welcomes refugees who have been rejected from the US. The inexperienced and cloudy-headed Canadian Prime Minister also said he was going to talk to Mr Trump about the success of the refugee and immigration policy in Canada.

So they got them!

Since Trudeau welcomed them, they’ve flooded across the border.

Many of the migrants are Haitians facing deportation.

Reuters reports:

Deportations of Mexicans, who have flocked to Canada in growing numbers after a visa requirement was lifted in December, was already 66 percent higher in the first eight months of 2017 than the total from the previous year.

Deportations of Haitians, thousands of whom have crossed into Canada illegally in the hopes of avoiding deportation from the United States, have also soared. Canada has deported 474 so far this year, compared to 100 for all of 2016 when the government lifted its own ban on deportations to Haiti, in place since a devastating 2010 earthquake.< Overall, 5,529 people have been deported as of Tuesday, compared to 7,357 for all of 2016, the data shows. More than 10,000 flooded in this year. The flood was "unsustainable", authorities said. They're sending them back to the US! They're illegal here also! Why don't they send them back to where they came from?



  1. The Haitians that applied for refugee status, who were in the US will be deported. The main reason is Canada has not recognized Haiti as a country that is in turmoil. This status of Haiti was upgraded over 3 years ago. Those Haitians living in the US had to first complete there US status, then apply to Canada for a work permit. Instead they crossed illegally and claimed refugee status. Bad news is Canada has already deported all refugee status Haitians back to Haiti, since the country is deemed stable. These Haitians would have had a better chance in the US. It’s to bad that our inexperienced Prime minister, just like the inexperienced president in the US, spoke without a filter. With the media scaring the Haitians with a policy that was in an effect before Trump. This caused bad decisions on the part of the Haitians. Then we have a Prime minister making promises that he can’t keep. An immigration policy that the Haitians had no idea about, along with a treaty between 2 countries. This was doomed from the start. Where are most of these people going to end up know, deported.

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