Xi plans to take over global internet, end free speech, censor everyone


Chinese leader Xi Jinping personally directed the communist regime to focus on controlling the global internet. They also plan to displace the United States. This was revealed in internal documents released to The Epoch Times.

In a January 2017 speech, Xi said the “power to control the internet” had become the “new focal point of [China’s] national strategic contest,” and singled out the United States as a “rival force” standing in the way of the regime’s ambitions.

The plan was to use technology “to rule the internet” so the Chinese Communist Party can control “discourse” on the world stage and control all of the “online ecosystem—over applications, content, quality, capital, and manpower.”

“His remarks were made at the fourth leadership meeting of the regime’s top internet regulator, the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, in Beijing on Jan. 4, 2017, and detailed in internal documents issued by the Liaoning Provincial Government in China’s southeast.

“In another speech given in April 2016, detailed in an internal document by the Anshan City Government in Liaoning Province, Xi confidently proclaimed that in the “struggle” to control the internet, the CCP has transformed from playing “passive defense” to playing both “attack and defense” at the same time.

“Having successfully built the world’s most sprawling and sophisticated online censorship and surveillance apparatus, known as the Great Firewall, the CCP under Xi is turning outwards, championing a Chinese internet whose values run counter to the open model advocated by the West. Rather than prioritizing the free flow of information, the CCP’s system centers on giving the state the ability to censor, spy on, and control internet data.”

To counter the U.S., Xi plans to manage relations with the US while fighting the ‘hard war.” He will use U.S. companies and increase cooperation with Europe and developing countries to isolate the U.S. They call it counterbalancing against the U.S.


The Chinese have set up the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a massive infrastructure investment project launched by Beijing to connect Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East through a network of rail, sea, and road linkages.

It is meant to increase its power politically and commercially.

“The BRI has also pushed countries to sign up to “digital silk road” projects—those involving information and communications technology infrastructure. At least 16 countries have signed memoranda of understanding with the regime to work in this area.


“Xi ordered the regime to focus on three “critical” areas in its pursuit of controlling the global internet.

“First, Beijing needs to be able to “set the rules” governing the international system. Second, it should install CCP surrogates in important positions in global internet organizations. Third, the regime should gain control over the infrastructure that underlies the internet, such as root servers, Xi said.”

If the CCP controls the root, they win. The CCP will control everything people see or don’t see.

Maoists of China are making headway with Huawei. They will give you an improved global network in exchange for freedom.

In recent years, the regime has made headway in advancing Xi’s strategy. There will be no free speech and eavesdropping in real-time, all the time, on everyone.


Xi, in his 2016 speech, described all online content as falling into three categories: “red zone, black zone, and gray zone.”

“Red” is for the commies and it’s okay. “Grey” is neutral or in the middle. “Black” is running afoul of the rules.

“We must consolidate and expand the red zone and expand its influence in society,” Xi said in a leaked speech in August 2013. “We must bravely enter into the black zone [and fight hard] to gradually get it to change its color, he said.

Then he added, “We must launch large-scale actions targeting the gray zone to accelerate its conversion to the red zone and prevent it from turning into the black zone.”

There is much more at The Epoch Times.

This is as the United States has an imbecile for a president and an invisible, unelected cabal working behind the scenes who escape all accountability.





  1. Globalist Left’s dream come true. Nothing Right on the net.

    I would love to “Like” this article but cannot because I am blocked from Facebook.

  2. The comrades will love the new CCPnet, until they get cancelled.
    Look for Joebama to hand it all over for pennies on the dollar.
    When we have zero technology aces up the sleeve, high heeled military (Hussein’s job), and the dollar is wallpaper, how will the sweeping FDR mommygov programs get paid for, ohhh a 50% and higher tax rate, well at least the bad orange tweets are gone.
    El Rushbo predicted this time but thought that it would be the terrorists to boss around a weak Manchurian place mat and not our good buddy ally China.

  3. Control the Internet and you control America. Not just our Economy or Infrastructure, but thought! Big Tech must be crushed now!

  4. It was Obama who removed control of the internet from ICANN, which was formed by the US government in 1998 as a not-for-profit partnership of people from all over the world dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable. It promotes competition and develops policy on the Internet’s unique identifiers. Obama did this because he claimed the internet which was invented by the US Military belonged to the world because every nation uses it. Personally I believe Obama did it to make it easier for his communist Chinese friends could take full control.

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