O’Reilly on ‘losing the Race!’ How Biden’s winning at destroying the USA


Bill O’Reilly wrote a good article on his site, Bill O’Reilly.com. Since I probably can’t duplicate it, I’ll summarize, but go to his page for the better-written version.

The Left is using anti-racism as the anvil on which the new America is forged. Race is used to dissemble traditional America. The calculation: if the United States was founded on the philosophy of white supremacy, and the country is presently infected with “systemic racism,” then it’s the moral obligation of good people to destroy the society and build another more noble one.

You can’t disagree, you racist.

“The strategy is brilliant in its simplicity and also presents the gravest social threat in U.S. history,” Bill writes.

The cowardly and greedy corporate media has surrendered to the radicals and the movement goes un-scrutinized. They openly cooperate with the racial demonization of whites and donate millions to the communist Black Lives Matter Global Foundation.

Shockingly, the president and vice president are going along with it, advocating ‘equity’ instead of equality. Biden has ordered the federal government to favor certain groups [not whites] based on skin color.

After Tim Scott told the world we are not a racist country, Biden told George Stephanopoulos the American people are not racist, just our society.


The mass media is backing Biden’s destructive ideology. For example, the Disney/ABC CEO is rejecting first-rate programs unless the scripts conform to a racial litmus test.

After Senator Scott’s reply to Biden’s speech on Wednesday, bigots on Twitter labeled him “Uncle Tim.”

Most of the corporate media ignored the smear.

And now the race-baiting is coming to your house.

“Newsweek Magazine used to be a fine fact-gathering organization.  Then it veered sharply left. Then it folded its print edition, now publishing only online.

“Last week, the magazine ran an article by a radical leftist named Meggie Abendschein.  She owns a business in Texas that prefers to hire women. Remember the bigoted “No Irish Need Apply” signs?  Now it’s males instead of Irish.

“Anyway, here’s what Newsweek and Meggie are serving up.  “We need to deeply embed anti-racism into our identity, our purpose and every facet of our life.  This work requires our full-throttle empathy and total commitment to dismantling an archaic, dangerous white supremacist system.”

It’s unfortunate that O’Reilly didn’t say these things while he was at Fox News. Perhaps he couldn’t. Most of us have known since 2008 that Obama was a communist, just as Biden is not running this country now, Obama is.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Let’s not forget that when O’Reilly had huge influence, with the biggest cable news show for many years, he had a steady stream of leftists communicating the very philosophy O’Reilly now attacks, and O’Reilly gave them little opposition.

Oddball's Sherman Stereo Speaker
Oddball's Sherman Stereo Speaker
2 years ago

Early meme/shirt thought cloud after the big steal-Trump didn’t lose, America lost.