Yay! Hollywood Collapses


Hollywood is allegedly collapsing. Wouldn’t that be something.

Hollywood has been a big donor to the downfall of this nation. They act with little knowledge and lots of arrogance.

While getting rich, they sit in their ivory towers and wallow in their often decadent lives. They come periodically to lecture us on how we must live a more regressive, secular life without fossil fuels, but plenty of drugs. They give freely and generously to get violent communist revolutionaries out of prison and donate to Democrat candidates in states they don’t live in.

Hollywood wants to tell us how to live.

Now, they’re hurting as they peddle their far-left mantras in movie after movie in the age of COVID.

At the same time, the government, the Democrats, throw money at them and give them coronavirus relief money. It’s our tax money and it’s meant for suffering Americans, not rich pompous fools.

Many of us would be glad to see them fall off their perch. Their entertainment, such as it is, isn’t worth it.

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