Yay! Kids check mate lock down tyrants in California


Some tyrannical officials in San Clemente, California decided a kid’s skate park might discourage social distancing so they dumped tons of sand into the park.

That was somehow supposed to enforce their looney virus laws. It’s absolutely insane. A skate park doesn’t encourage violations of their laws.

The local industrious youths found a way to fight back. They made it into a dirt bike park.

Young residents using shovels, buckets, and brooms swept one of the parks clean and adapted it both for skating and dirt biking after authorities attempted to make it unusable.

“Took advantage of all the sand the city dumped into the San Clemente skatepark then helped some local skaters dig it all out so they could do some social shredding,” Instagram user Connor Ericsson wrote.

The results on Instagram:

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