Yikes! A Cable TV bloodbath without Donald J. Trump


Just as Bill O’Reilly predicted, Cable TV is crashing and burning in the wake of Donald Trump’s departure. DJT is all they really had going for them.

CNN went down an average of 32.5% in the ratings of their shows, comparing the week of March 1 to the week of November 30th. In the desired 25-54 category, from the week of March 1 to November 30th, the ratings are down 29%.

CNN shows are lost without Donald Trump.

Cuomo Prime Time saw a 28.5% decrease! All In With Chris Hayes on MSNBC went down by 16.7% and Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, also on MSNBC, went down 17.6%, according to VIP.

On Fox,  The Ingraham Angle audience decreased by 9.2%, Hannity decreased by 11.9%, and Tucker Carlson Tonight saw a 4.8% decrease, according to the analysis.

CNN and MSNBC’s decline for 9 p.m. primetime shows was especially noticeable after the impeachment trial was over in mid-February.

Cuomo Prime Time saw a 31.3% decrease after the impeachment trial was over.

The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC experienced 22.3% audience slump after the trial ended.

The Capitol Building riot in January also impacted ratings, especially among the 25-54 age demographic. Anderson Cooper and Tucker Carlson were competitive in the first week of December, and Cooper’s show saw an audience bump with that age demographic in the few days following the Jan. 6 riot. But after Trump left office, Cooper soon began to trail Carlson.

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