Watch 65-year-old woman tackled, arrested for refusing to wear a mask


Watch a 65-year-old Texas woman tackled and handcuffed after refusing to leave a Galveston Bank of America branch that requires customers to wear a mask.

A Galveston police officer arrived at the scene and told the woman, Terry White, that she had to wear the mask.

Governor Abbott lifted a statewide mask mandate but private businesses can keep the requirements.

The woman wouldn’t leave and the officer tried to usher her out. She wasn’t cooperating so he eventually tried to arrest her. She appears to have refused to put her hands behind her back.

“Back up! Back up! Some old lady is getting handcuffed here!” the woman yells as she is tackled and cuffed. No one appeared to care.

White faces charges of criminal trespass and resisting arrest, but Governor Abbott’s directive states that refusing to wear a mask isn’t enough for criminal charges.

The woman also said the officer broke her foot. She was treated at a local hospital.


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