This is about you, the world you live in, the world you know, and the world you do not know. But it’s the world you thought you knew that is crumbling rapidly beneath the streets and sidewalks and the rural roads where you live.

This is about you, and the word “you” is both singular and plural, yet somehow the plural is failing the singular. The America you thought you knew is gone, and every day an army of plurals rubs your face in their Marxist woke intrigues. And it’s all over you, and it stinks.

But as you grow older and wiser, you realize it has been that way since Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Just as God is the best god He can be, man is the best man he can be. It’s the plural “mankind” that has always been evil. It is the plural “you” who destroyed the beauty and reverence of what America used to be. Stupid people tend to organize in large groups. Do not despair — that is the natural order of things.

A lone carpenter from Nazareth changed the world. He did not have the power of armies when he stood up to Herod and Caesar. He spoke His truth and He would not compromise, and His truth has served the world well for two thousand years. That is what distinguishes truth from disinformation. God’s truth always serves you well.

Now in America, you find you, faced with the awful power of politicians, with an army of bureaucrats and woke educators, doctors, lawyers, judges, social justice activists, corporatists, and organized techno-media liars. You find you in the midst of an American Holocaust, not unlike the Nazi Holocaust of the Twentieth Century. Yet, during times of great upheaval, there was always one individual – like the singular “you” — who looks in horror at the madness and asks, “My God! Why doesn’t someone do something?” And then that individual realizes that he, himself, is “someone.”

It’s the singular “you” confronting the plural “you,” Jesus taking on the brutal power of evil and ignorance, a founding father in 1776 declaring war on the most powerful Navy in the world, a Sam Houston, an Abraham Lincoln, a Martin Luther King, Jr.

The plural “you” never changed anything except to make things worse. It was always the singular “you” – Teddy Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena” – who fought, who was bloodied, who died for God and freedom and dignity. So, do not lose faith. You will find Heaven is a place for individuals.

Image from: outbackjoe.com

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