Your next Dem president wore a mask up to his eyeballs after a 2-month quarantine


Joe Biden went on an outing today to place a wreath at a veteran’s memorial near his home in Delaware. He was accompanied by his wife and security. They all wore masks up to their eyeballs as we reported earlier. They reminded me of an old Zorro movie only Biden was for real.

Even Brit Hume made fun of him. And, yes, Trump should never wear a mask up to his eyeballs. But he’s a good boy and with that thing muffling his voice, he didn’t have to say much. That was a blessing for sure.

Biden looks so pitiful but the media tried to make him look presidential. Lots of luck with that.

As Brit says, no one was anywhere near him and he was quarantined for a couple of months.

It’s the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

The loons are out trying to find something wrong with the President’s honoring of our veterans. They falsely claim the President couldn’t balance himself. They’ve gone from he’s obese, which he is not at 6’3″ and 235 pounds, to he can’t balance himself.

I don’t see a loss of balance. He’s just not a Marine who stands in place absolutely.

These people actually think he has problems standing. This is ridiculous.

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