Cuomo-duped mob attack woman shopper without a mask, make her “get the f*** out”


Watch as crazy Staten Islanders drive an unmasked woman out of a grocery store. In a 20-second video, you can watch as loons target a female shopper without a face mask, screaming profanities at her.

The crowd formed as an anonymous woman tried to shop — without, perish the thought, a damn mask.

Emperor Marcus Aurelius Cuomo said we must wear masks.

The customers told her to “Get the f*** out of here!” while wildly gesticulating toward the store’s exit. Some people screamed, “Get out!” and called her a “Dirty ass pig.”

Actually, they’re the dirty ass pigs, but this is New York today under the leadership of Marcus Aurelius Cuomo and his highness Bill de Blasio, aka Warren Wilhelm.

The woman tried to evade the loons but eventually had to leave.

Did it ever occur to these loons to just avoid her?

In NY, Emperor Cuomo ordered us to wear masks on April 17th and that’s the alleged law now.

Here it is, NY loons attacking the woman who dared shop without a mask:

Do you know what terrifies me? Not the woman who needed to shop and didn’t have a mask on. I can just avoid her. No, it’s the loons who ganged up on her.

What worries me, even more, is when is this lockdown going to end? The emperor here in NY is gradually ‘allowing’ us certain freedoms but denying others based on his very questionable judgment.

Who the hay is he? Who the hay are these people?

Are these ‘leaders’ and their moron lemmings ever going to give us our freedom back? Will they keep doing it now knowing how easy it was? Their dupes fall right in line like a flock of penguins.

With morons who adhere as these shoppers did, it’s easy. The elites now know how easy. This whole lockdown has turned into tyrannical control by elites.

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