If You’re a Weiner (Huma or Tony) Ignorance is Blissful & Unindictable


How many times in your life were you told ignorance was no excuse for the law? We can recall hearing that warning countless times and considered it an important lesson in life.   It’s one you’d surely want to pass along to your children and grandchildren. Actually that sage phrase was printed on this blog recently.

The reasoning is simple. It cut off lame, excuse riddled explanations as to why someone did something they had absolutely no right to do. In our house it applied to rules both inside the home as well as out in the real world.

But apparently if you’ve been raised in an increasingly, privileged, incestuous, politicized Washington D.C. that golden rule doesn’t apply. Witness Huma and Anthony Weiner’s complete disregard for the critical sanctity of classified information. On orders from her patriarch, Hillary Clinton, and for Hill’s personal “convenience”, Huma sent highly sensitive documents to her scandal scarred, hubby, Tony Weiner….aka “Carlos Danger”.

Many thousands of pages were transferred from Clinton’s #1 gal to “Danger” so they could be printed out, and returned back to Mama Hillary for easier reading. If you’re wondering why the former Secretary of State couldn’t seem to find access to a printer without going through someone under investigation for sending lewd emails to young girls, you’d be in good company.

If you’re further wondering how this clear breach of both national security and protocol could go completely unpunished at any level, you’d also be in good company. Comey’s explanation, when you think about it is almost Christ-like. Huma and Anthony were clueless regarding the laws they were breaking so, “Forgive them….for they know not what they do.”

For objective Americans, who play by the rules, the assumption is an all too easy one. If you’re a Weiner, ignorance in not only blissful, but unindictable as well.


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