YouTube allows online ‘reality violence’ but Trump is ‘too dangerous’


A Russian YouTube monster killed his pregnant lover on livestream by locking her on the subzero balcony as viewers paid him to abuse her, the Sun UK reported.

YouTube officials think Donald Trump is too “dangerous”  because he ‘incited’ a rally with a typical political speech, but this guy, not so much. He engaged in online ‘reality violence’ and was allowed to do it.

Egged on by his online audience, Stas Reeflay allegedly forced Valentina Grigoryeva out on a balcony in sub-zero weather wearing only her underwear.

Reeflay, 30, was paid $1,000 (£800) by a viewer to inflict the abuse on her during his live stream, according to a report by Baza media.

Valentina, 28 – who was in the early stages of pregnancy – died of hypothermia at his rented house in Ivanovka village, near Moscow.

Her shocking death has led to calls in Russia for an urgent ban on online ‘reality violence,’ which appears unrestricted on YouTube and can be watched by children.

So online ‘reality violence’ is okay, but not the former United States president?

In footage too disturbing to show, he can be seen carrying her back inside and attempting to revive her.

He is heard saying: “Valya, are you alive? My bunny, what’s up with you?

“Valya, Valya, damn, you look like you are dead.

“Bunny, come on… tell me something. I’m worrying. Damn… I’m not feel her heartbeat.”

He then tells his viewers:  “Guys… No pulse… She’s pale. She is not breathing.”

The live stream went on for another two hours.

He is the stupidest YouTuber.

In a previous broadcast, he pepper-sprayed her.

He was arrested for murder.

At least it’s not Donald Trump who was trying to make America great again.

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