Instead of Enforcing the Law, Chicago’s Mayor to Install City Bleeding Kits


Instead of enforcing gun laws, keeping criminals in prison, breaking up gangs, increasing the size of the police force, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has another unique and ineffective way to deal with the constant mass shootings in the city.

She’s putting bleeding control kits in various buildings in the city. Hundreds are being installed for shooting victims.

This is how the city officials plan to save lives when enforcing the law effectively could prevent the shootings in the first place.

OEMC said the kits are being installed under a new program called “Safe Chicago” in partnership with the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department and the city’s Assets and Information Services.

If they want a safe Chicago, they need to enforce the law.

A news release from the Chicago Police Department revealed a troubling rise in gun violence this year shows little sign of slowing down. The city had five fewer homicides this April than last April, but the number of shooting victims increased to 299 from 225.

So far this year, 997 people have been shot, compared with 718 last year. The city has had 187 homicides — 31 more than during the same period last year.

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