YouTuber spots Trumpet man’s digs, thinks he found Portland antifa HDQ


NeverAloneWithChrist, who is a youtube user, thinks he found antifa headquarters in Portland. If true, the potential antifa revolutionaries are living in a tax-funded housing camp very near to downtown where the riots take place each night. Trumpet Man does appear to live there and, unlike most homeless camps, it’s filled with strong, young men.

It is a community of tents, filled with meth heads, blanketed with needles, and at least one of the people who attempts to burn the city down — antifa Trumpet Man.

The residents praised the camp in April for providing better living conditions for the homeless people. The same thing happened in Seattle if this is true. A park where the homeless set up an encampment became inundated with antifa.

Democrats and other leftists want them to keep doing what they do or they’d be gone. Many of the antifa are from out of town who come in just to stir up trouble and organize it.

If this is a camp, someone needs to send the video to Bill Barr or the Oregon State Police so they can clear them out! It’s simple. They are only there because someone(s) — Democrats — wants them there.

The YouTuber had to run for blocks as the residents of the camp chased him, shooting off projectiles with slingshots.

The independent reporter, Andy Ngo, who has been on top of the Portland riots, hasn’t said anything about this, which leads me to believe it might not be as it appears.


This is the original video:

Trumpet Man is on the left, it’s him fighting in the street, and he was spotted in the camp:

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