Another mayor driven from her home by ‘protesters’


Black Lives Matter protesters have forced the St. Louis Mayor, Lyda Krewson, and her husband to temporarily relocate to a nearby apartment, which they are paying for out of their own pockets, a report says.


The St. Louis Post-Dispatch says Krewson, in a text message Wednesday, wrote “we have not lived at home for 2 months” following demonstrations that took place there in June, July, and early August.

“We did it to deescalate the situation, to save police resources, and, importantly, because our neighbors were being disturbed and threatened,” Krewson told St. Louis Today.

This whole idea of letting these lunatics rage on while they cower doesn’t work. This is why the St. Louis couple, the McCloskeys stood on their porch with guns.

“I ran for this job — my neighbors did not,” Krewson added. She’s probably a nice, thoughtful, and very misguided person. Doing what Mayor Wheeler did in Portland is idiotic.

Arrest these ‘protesters.’ Once they start screaming, banging on pots, setting fires, disturbing people in the middle of the night, they cease to be protesters.

At one point, Krewson read the names and addresses of locals who called for defunding the police. She made the mistake of later apologizing. She has been a target at least since then. The ‘protesters’ are bullies, thugs, leftists, and it’s pretty dangerous when a mayor in this country gets chased from his/her home and nothing happens to the ‘protesters.’

They should not allow lunatics to drive them from their homes.


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