Zealot Judge Sullivan orders retired judge to file brief to prosecute Flynn


Judge Emmet Sullivan, who once asked if General Flynn committed treason, refused to drop the case against him at the request of the Justice Department. He is outrageously looking to convict him of perjury. He’s just another rogue leftist judge.

Obama even corrupted the Judiciary.

Sullivan is requesting or ordering really retired judge John Gleeson, a left-wing partisan, to file an amicus brief outlining why the charges against Flynn should not be dropped and to frame the argument about how to prosecute Flynn for perjury.

Instead of criticizing the Obama DOJ for framing the General, he’s trying to prosecute the victim.

Gleeson wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post arguing the prosecution (persecution) of General Flynn should continue. Gleeson’s case is Flynn admitted twice that he lied, ignoring the fact that it was under duress.

Sullivan has also requested other partisans unconnected to the case file amicus curiae briefs.

The defense should move to recuse. Sullivan is essentially threatening to retaliate because Flynn exercised his right to move to withdraw the plea. And, he is giving non-parties rights in the case, as one lawyer wrote on Twitter.

Who is the traitor? It’s not General Flynn.

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