Barack Obama makes a joke out of the unmasking of General Flynn


Obama’s top officials unmasked then-NSA appointee General Flynn over and over again during the transition so that his every move was known to them. We know this from recently released records of requests to unmask Flynn’s name. 

The very arrogant Barack Obama is acting like it’s a joke so you too will think it’s a joke. Some of his followers will fall for this, and others will just go along.

Ted Cruz has one word in his response to Obama — ‘True.’


Where are the NYTimes, ⁦Washington Post⁩, CNN, MSNBC⁩, ABC on this? There is perjury involved. They are simply formulating their attack on those who released the information and deciding how best to hide or discredit the damning revelations.

The corrupt media reacts as expected to the fact that the Obama top lieutenants unmasked General Flynn during the transition so they could watch every step he made. The soon-to-be NSA was tracked constantly for no other reason than the outgoing administration wanted to know his every move.

Joe Biden, John Clapper, Samantha Power, and others lied about their unmasking. For example, Samantha Power, who was a U.N. ambassador at the time, unmasked him seven times. She is not an intel person nor was Obama’s Chief of Staff McDonough, Joe Biden, his VP, or any of the others of the 29 who unmasked the General in this short span of time.


One example of lying under oath is Samantha Power. She was asked explicitly during sworn 2017 testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) whether she had ever attempted to unmask information related to Michael Flynn. She unmasked him seven times.

The list of unmasking requests shows that Power requested unmaskings of information related to Flynn on Nov. 30, 2016; Dec. 2, 2016; Dec. 7, 2016; two separate requests on Dec. 14, 2016; Dec. 23, 2016; and Jan. 11, 2017.

The former UN ambassador unmasked an average of one person each day business of 2016. She was not in intelligence and it’s normally unheard of for a UN ambassador to seek so many unmaskings. Who were these people?

She sought the identity of 260 people mentioned in intelligence documents.

Clapper just had a not-believable memory lapse about Flynn.

It is illegal to unmask an American without cause. The prior administration was spying on the opponents’ party.


The corrupt press, though I repeat myself, isn’t simply missing the story as Ari Fleischer so generously states in this tweet. This is their approach to stifling the story — pretend it was routine.

The unmasking of opponents during the Obama administration rose by 300%. We truly are a Banana Republic.

The APs Julie Pace tweeted, “Fun Facts about unmasking,” and linked to an AP Q&A describing the Obama administration’s actions as routine and with basis. We already know from released transcripts they were not routine and were without a basis.

Ben Rhodes is out giving talking points to the spaniels in the press — it was routine.

Prominent George Washington University law professor, Jonathan Turley wrote on Twitter, “These unmasking requests occurred as the Obama Administration was packing up to leave the White House. There should be media interest if Democratic political appointees not only unmasked Flynn but then one leaked his identity from a classified document.”

Yes, and that’s a crime.

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