Zelensky Confronts Viktor Orban at the Milei Inauguration


During Javier Milei’s inauguration, he and Viktor Orban got into a heated discussion. All Orban said about it in a public statement is he told Zelensky that the EU is in continuous talks about absorbing Ukraine into the EU. President Orban is opposed to including Ukraine in the EU or NATO and supporting the war. Therefore, the critics suggest he’s a Putin puppet.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky just said he confronted him.

According to the AP, pressure is mounting on Orban, who is already under tremendous pressure.  The pressure was on Orban to not veto the opening of European Union membership talks and the supply of economic aid to war-torn Ukraine at a pivotal EU summit this week after Prime Minister Viktor Orban demanded that the issue be struck from the agenda.

Zelensky is trying to get whatever support he can as the US battles over funds to Ukraine. Republicans are perfectly fine sending money we don’t have to Mr. Zelensky who is losing the endless war. But unlike Democrats, Republicans say they want border security. That’s new. McConnell hasn’t pushed for it, and McCarthy only pretended to push for it, after millions of unvetted foreigners have poured in, robbing us of our sovereignty and watering down our vote and our rights.

As for Javier Milei, Argentina’s new president, he issued an executive order on his first day on the job. In it, he eliminated nine out of 18 ministries in their overly large government.

Argentina is suffering from 143% annual inflation. Four in 10 Argentines are living in poverty. The country has a trade deficit of over $43 billion and a $45 billion debt to the International Monetary Fund, reported the Associated Press.

He will have a tough go of it since he doesn’t have the seats in the legislature that he would need to get a lot done.

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