Zelensky Fires 5 Ambassadors – Calls for Diplomats to Drum Up Aid


Zelensky fires Ukraine’s ambassadors to Germany, India, the Czech Republic, Norway, and Hungary, per Reuters. He claimed it’s normal rotations. Ukrainian President Zelensky has urged his diplomats to drum up international support and military aid for Ukraine.

In other words, they’re not filling their funding quotas.

Ukrainian President Zelensky has urged his diplomats to drum up international support and military aid for Ukraine. He wants more money. He’s getting it from the US in billions.

Germany is a particular issue.

Andriy Melnyk, 46, was appointed by Zelensky’s predecessor as ambassador to Germany in late 2014.

He regularly engages in outspoken social media exchanges and has branded politicians and intellectuals who oppose arming Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion as appeasers.

He once accused German Chancellor Olaf Scholz of behaving like an “offended liver sausage” when Scholz did not immediately accept an invitation by Zelensky to visit Kyiv.

Kyiv and Berlin are currently at odds over a German-made turbine undergoing maintenance in Canada.

Germany wants Ottawa to return the turbine to Russian natural gas giant Gazprom to pump gas to Europe, but Kyiv had urged Canada to keep the turbine, saying a return would violate sanctions on Moscow.

Canada said on Saturday it would return the turbine.

Zelensky’s not George Washington.  He expects Europe to self-destruct on his behalf. They need fossil fuels, and he wants money.


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1 year ago

Ukraine and Zelensky are not worth WW I I I and Thermonuclear War. Germany has realized that Putin will starve and freeze Germany out along with much of the rest of Europe if need be. Russia’s real Goal is the Dismantling of the World Economic Forum. Putin has already wrecked the WEF Puppet State of Ukraine and wants the World Powers to put people like Klaus Schwab, Gates, Dorsey, Zucherberg, the Rothschild’s, Swiss Bankers, and pretty much every other member of the WEF Cult that threatens World Governments on a very short leash. The CCP can be dealt with by other means!

The Oligarchs are a threat to Russia and every Government in Europe and thus must be stripped of power and influence. Governments need to control the Activities of it’s Powerful Citizens before they start Wars! No Government should be a victim of an Oligarch protected by another Government. That’s how wars start!

Rosemary Marshall
Rosemary Marshall
1 year ago

I wonder if Zelensky knows George Soros has Hungarian citizenship along with US, so he has enough money to fill all the quotas and the Hungarian ambassadorship — voila! Problem solved.

1 year ago

Anybody with a brain knows we will be funding the rebuilding of Ukraine and its leaders will all be multimillionaires with yachts on the Mediterranean Sea. Those of you in possession of half a brain, will be supporting Biden.