Zelensky Gives UK Speaker a Fake Helmet of the Fake ‘Ghost of Kyiv’


President Zelensky, aka Winston Churchill, is still using the myth of the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ as if it were a real person. Zelensky just gave the “Ghost of Kyiv” helmet to the UK House Speaker Lindsay Hoyle – for real. Then he asked for fighter jets. He tried to say it was the helmet of an almost “Ghost of Kyiv.”

Zelensky, a former bawdy comic, said, “it’s one of the single, most important wars.” I don’t doubt a lot of smart people believe that lie.

The Ukrainian president said, “We have freedom! Give us wings to protect it!” Do they have freedom?

UK Speaker Hoyle

Zelensky, a WEF adherent, would be Churchill if Churchill was incompetent and dishonest. He has his very corrupt nation under martial law and throws everyone in prison if they disagree. He nationalizes companies at will, silences free speech, and imprisons priests, journalists, former friends, and political opponents. And he’s shutting down an entire religious sect and won’t allow any political parties except his own.

The UK falls for it, but they don’t bring much to the table outside of grit if we go to direct war. Currently, we are close to war with Russia and China. We are using Ukrainians to fight our proxy war. What happens when we run out of these victims — Ukrainian fighters?

The audience loved the fake helmet of the unnamed “king” of the air, as did Hoyle. These people have gone mad.


The Ghost of Kyiv is a PR stunt. NBC News reported that the Ukrainian Air Force command admitted it wasn’t real. It’s a superhero legend.

For weeks, an unknown Ukrainian fighter became a symbol of heroic resistance to Russia’s invasion that came to be emblazoned everywhere.

Only it was propaganda. Zelensky wants us to join him in World War III.

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko tweeted an image of a masked fighter pilot who purportedly shot down six Russian jets within hours of Moscow’s invasion. It spread all over the Internet. Although we don’t know who started the ghost legend.

Ukraine’s air force said it was “rather a collective image” of the country’s pilots, who have crucially managed to prevent Russian control of the skies despite expert predictions.

William Alberque, director of strategy, technology, and arms control for the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a London-based research institute, said the ghost myth was designed to boost morale within the country, and, for a time, it succeeded.

“It was a very smart move to have a rallying call behind which everyone could fall, and for me, it was purely for internal messaging for Ukrainians to rally behind the flag,” he said. “Plus it’s really hard to verify, right? You can say he shot down 100 aircraft, and in the propaganda stage of a war, you don’t need to prove it.”

In other words, it’s war porn and propaganda.

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