Zelensky: No Cease-Fire Unless All Land Is Returned


Ukrainian President Voldymr Zelensky, who some call a conman, will not agree to a cease-fire until Russia returns all the seized land. He wants Crimea back as well. Russia is now bombing Odesa and will keep going, it seems. He made his comments in an interview with the WSJ on Friday.

The Ukrainian leader, often absurdly called their George Washington, demands all the land back as his countrymen are killed and buildings destroyed. He claims any other deal will encourage Russia to go further. The only problem is Russia is winning and is going further.

The regions captured by Russia already have new leaders, and they are beginning to rebuild these regions.

Zelensky, the beneficiary of a constant flow of US cash and weapons, says any cease-fire gives Russia opportunities to continue the assault.

The Ukrainian comic-turned-president compared Russia to an insatiable “cachalot” who would not understand the language of diplomacy.

Putin said the fight would have been over in March if Zelensky negotiated. Zelensky said that is “total delirium.”

“He came here without talking, killed people, displaced 12 million, and now says Ukraine doesn’t want to negotiate. They just murder people, destroy cities, enter them, and then say: ‘Let’s negotiate’. With whom can they talk? With rocks? They are covered in blood, and this blood is impossible to wash off. We will not let them wash it off,” Zelensky said.

Meanwhile, Putin said that back in March, Moscow and Kiev had “actually reached an agreement, the only thing left to do was to sign it.”

“In order to create these conditions, our troops withdrew from central Ukraine, from Kiev, but the Kiev authorities refused to implement these agreements” and have no desire to do so even now, the Russian president added.

There was that.

The Kremlin wanted the Minsk 2 agreement implemented.

The US might now give Zelensky fighter jets, furthering US involvement in the war.

NATO, which is the US, made peace difficult. There is now a movement to starting war with China.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

What the often unwashed-looking Zelensky REALLY means is “We must use Ukraine’s neo-nazi battalions and group forces to engage ethnic cleansing against the ethnic and black races living or studying here. We will use the corrupt Joe Biden’s billions of American dollars he recently sent us for that purpose because he is a KKK associate and that is his policy.”

1 year ago

Zelensky is not a fool. He knows that he must obey his NAZI hardliners. Denis Kireev, a negotiator was murdered back in March when he to bring a settlement to Zelenzkyy. This was interpreted as a warning by the Neo-Nazis to Zelensky he would suffer a similar fate if he attempted to bring an end to the war.

1 year ago

President Voldymr Zelensky is a moron who will be responsible for his country becoming a waste land before being rebuilt as a Russian State. If President Voldymr Zelensky keeps it up, Russia just might end up rebuilding the USSR when Europe is plunged into Depression and the Ruble becomes the World’s Reserve Currency.