Zelensky Says Millions Will Die If US Doesn’t Give Him $60B


Left-wing reporter Kaitlin Collins interviewed Ukrainian President Zelensky posted today. She mentioned that Senator Vance said the multi-billion-dollar package for Ukraine “is not going to fundamentally change the reality on the battlefield.” She asked Zelensky, “What’s your response to that?”

Zelensky said not getting the money would “cost millions of lives.” Then he reminded viewers that Vance is lucky that it’s not American lives.

We need to cut this guy loose and force him to negotiate. Ukraine can’t win, and officials are constantly caught stealing.

Zelensky is a liar. He claims Russia lost 180,000 lives, and Ukraine only lost 31,000. No one believes that. Why is the average age of Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield close to 45 years if they lost only 31,000?

Russia said last August that close to 70,000 Ukrainians were killed and 100,000 to 120,000 were wounded.

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