Spud Noggin Stelter Running as a Republican? “Hell, No!”


Brian Stelter was reportedly running for a seat on the Readington County School Board as a Republican. Formerly a CNN hack, known unaffectionately as Tater, was reportedly running to involve himself in “guiding and teaching the next generation.”

One-time freelance reporter Shlomo Schorr posted to X recently that, according to the editor of The New Jersey Globe, David Wildstein, Stelter was seeking an elected position in Hunterdon County.

“Former CNN reporter Brian Stelter is seeking a seat on the Readington Township, New Jersey school board, @wildstein is reporting. The former host of Reliable Sources is one of six candidates interviewing to fill a vacant seat caused by the resignation of Christina Napoli,” wrote Schorr.

But there is good news! “Hell, no,” he’s not. And we’re all grateful for that. Stelter dropped out. They probably don’t like him in Hunterdon County, either.

He’s the biggest liar in the field.

He wasn’t much of a judge of character either. Stelter told Michael Avenatti, who is currently imprisoned for fraud, that he could become the president of the United States.

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