Billionaires Build Underground Bunkers for the Coming Apocalypse


Doomsday hallway?

Good News! The world’s billionaires, who are destroying our current world, will be safe no matter what. They are preparing for climate change and societal collapse which they are causing with their insane ideas and unquenchable desire for power.

The world’s billionaires are building bunkers and assembling fortresses outside their mansions. Some elites are paying for ‘golden visas’ to secluded nations like New Zealand.

Doomsday preppers are now the world’s billionaires as they push wars, develop dangerous drugs using gain of function, threaten nuclear war, and open borders of highly-developed nations. Do you think these are connected? According to the Daily Mail, the super wealthy spent at least 11 billion so far on survival items alone.

Tech billionaires are prepping for doomsday and buying luxury bunkers, according to a tell-all book.

Douglas Rushkoff talked to five of the world’s richest men about how to prepare for an apocalypse, Business Insider reports.

Companies like Vivos and Rising S offer luxury shelters with amenities like pools and horse stables.

Will they build a Noah’s Ark, not for the worthy, but for the unworthy?

“The Event. That was their euphemism for the environmental collapse, social unrest, nuclear explosion, solar storm, unstoppable virus or malicious computer hack that takes everything down,” Rushkoff said in his book.


In a post for The Guardian, Rushkoff highlighted some of the survival companies the ultra-wealthy are employing to build their escape, including Vivos and Rising S Company.

Of course, the shelters are luxurious. They are built as complexes so the elite can meet in common areas. On the outside, they look like Civil War barracks built into the earth. They even have swimming pools. Look at the photos here and here.

The bunkers simulate outdoor lighting to protect the mental health of the billionaires who are destroying our world with insane ideas. Naturally, they will have plenty of wine in their vault. They’ll likely have all the drugs they need.

As the billionaires promote crime with sympathies only for criminals, not the victims, and invite dangerous terrorists and criminals into developed nations, they are protecting themselves in their underground villages.

Rushkoff wondered in his book why billionaires invited him into their planned world.

“That’s because it wasn’t their actual bunker strategies I had been brought out to evaluate so much as the philosophy and mathematics they were using to justify their commitment to escape. They were working out what I’ve come to call the insulation equation: could they earn enough money to insulate themselves from the reality they were creating by earning money in this way? Was there any valid justification for striving to be so successful that they could simply leave the rest of us behind –apocalypse or not?

“Or was this really their intention all along? Maybe the apocalypse is less something they’re trying to escape than an excuse to realize The Mindset’s true goal: to rise above mere mortals and execute the ultimate exit strategy.”

Well, they do want to depopulate. There will be a price to pay if they succeed.

Reminiscent of Dr. Strangelove:

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 month ago

I remember the cartoons of years gone by with the guy wearing a tattered robe and sandals carrying the sign that read, “The End Is Near” and maybe the guy was on to something albeit 50 or so years early. I see a lot of Biblical Prophecy in what they’re doing with their new world order.