Marxist Professor Teaches “Smash” White Rule, White Man’s Constitution


A Marxist professor at Diablo Valley College is dividing his students along racial lines, telling minority students they are not subject to the Constitution and they shouldn’t be standing for the Anthem or saying the pledge.

Assistant Political Science Professor Albert Ponce says they must “smash white supremacy”, and basically the Constitution and the Pledge as well. He suggests “legal means” aren’t enough.

He previously worked at Lake Tahoe Community College and studied at UCLA at LA and UC Berkeley. He is an admirer of Antifa.

“We’re taught to stand up and pledge allegiance to the flag every single day — but the flag is not really representative of everybody who is standing up in that room,” Ponce tells his class in the footage. “All those who this flag represents stand up, and maybe 50% of this room stay sitting down because it’s not for you.”

Ponce called the Constitution “the white man’s constitution.”

“Abolition means we must destroy it, not reform it. No vote is going to help. No writing your Congressman — we need to smash white supremacy,” Ponce states. “We try to use legal means, but are legal means enough?”

He is also a proud supporter of Antifa, a self-described anarchist Marxist group that serves as the militant arm of the Communist Party. The organization has deep roots stretching back to Nazi Germany.

Ponce is truly a subversive trying to overturn the U.S. government. Look at his Facebook page on this link before he makes it private. He is a fan of Fanon Frantz, a revolutionary communist philosopher and Pan-Africanist.

This video came via The Red Elephants and was posted by conservative reporter Jack Posobiec, PJ Media and The Gateway Pundit. the Red Elephants has a call out to students to send them video of their Marxist professors.

When he talks about “indigenous people”, he is referring to people who never lived here and who were direct descendants of Conquistadors who introduced scalping to the Americas.

His white supremacy blather comes from his Reconquista mentality and when he says he wants to “smash white supremacy”, he means to conquer white majority rule and overcome the U.S. Constitution.

Diablo Valley College could be a Red hangout. Marxist-Antifa Eric Clanton teaches or taught there. Clanton is the Antifa professor who was caught on video beating a Trump supporter with a bike lock.

His Facebook page is all Communism/Socialsim and Antifa. He posted this photo of his daughter smiling in front of the evil tyrant Fidel Castro.

Facebook page, altered to blur daughter

This is one of the Socialists supporting Antifa and whose video he shared.


  1. Diablo Community College is a public institution and allowing this Professor of Poop teach the ripping up of the Constitution is illegal. Let him go teach in Syria or Somalia where he can have all of the benefits of a “free society” . Yea, and if he comes back then take him out into the alley and have him shot with shit and hung for the crime of stinking too much. Take away his education credentials since he despises the opportunities he denounces. poor guy got too much ejeducamication. Who is filling these air heads with this shit?

  2. Why doesn’t some veteran is his class stand up and publicly tell this bozo that he is full of shit and tell him to get out of the classroom and buy a one way ticket to Somalia. He reminds me of the Law School professor I had who wanted to “teach torts” and bragged that he was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and threw an erasure at my head, and I picked up the erasure and threw it back at him telling him that I was a former U.S. Marine Officer and told him that the erasure thrown back at him by me was a legal defense to assault.

  3. My nearly 78 year old blood started to reach the boiling point as I read that article and, if I weren’t a Christian, I would be praying for his untimely demise! What has our nation come to when we allow someone whose political views are so extreme to teach our youth in a classroom? I am not so naive as to think that everything is perfect in our country but there are more people trying-illegally I might add-who are trying to come here than are those that want to leave. My late father fought in the Pacific in WWII, an uncle was wounded at Guadalcanal in WWII, and I had an uncle who was gassed in WWI as well as ancestors who fought in the American Revolution-one died for that cause. These men did not fight so that IDIOTS like this professor can try to overturn our Constitution and push the Marxist agenda.

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