President Putin Says Russian ‘Troll’ Company Has No Chance in U.S. Courts


Some of the Trump-Russia summit Monday centered on the collusion and Mueller indictments. President Putin said he wanted President Trump to win because he said he would normalize relations between their two countries.

When asked about the two Mueller indictments, one, the Russian troll case, and the other, the indictment of 12 intelligence officers.

President Putin offered to let the Mueller team come to the United States and investigate. Putin told the Mueller team to submit a request through the intergovernmental treaty. Thats like asking prison inmates to investigate prison guards.

The Russian President brought up the Russian company — Concord — now defending themselves in the U.S. courts. Putin said they have no chance in the U.S. courts.

Putin has a point on this issue. Concord is accused of being one of the troll companies that put up ads interfering in the U.S. election. They deny involvement and sent a lawyer to defend their company. Mueller’s team would not provide discovery and it leaves Concord without the evidence to defend themselves.

U.S. lawyers are saying much the same thing. Click the link below for more information.

Putin said he will investigate the case of the 12 intelligence officers. He strongly denied interfering in the U.S. elections.

He asked that the collusion probe not be used as “loose change” in the relationship of our two countries.



A reporter asked if Russia had compromising material on President Trump. Putin strongly denied he has compromising material on President Trump from Trump’s time as a businessman at a conference years before he became a candidate.



Mueller’s Russian Troll Case Is a Farce That’s Falling Apart


  1. “President Putin offered to let the Mueller team come to the United States and investigate.”

    What is wrong with this statement. This reply can be deleted upon correction.

  2. The main question is Why was the indictment public rather than a sealed indictment. It’s not unusual since there are tens of thousands of sealed indictments across the nation by the Justice Department.

    It may look good “politically” to indict leaders of an Intelligence Agency but what would the consequences be if the 12 were actually extradited. These individuals aren’t just some random citizens of Russia. Are we to determine it can only be a one-way affair. I’m sure Russia would like to indict those involved in the Ukrainian coup which overthrew the Russian friendly leadership. The State Department was intimately involved and supported a neo-Nazi group.

    If Russia was involved one could understand that involvement after what was done in Ukraine. A better understanding of all this would require a deeper knowledge of the Arab Spring and the US involvement in its inception. Notably, it was Graham and McCain that were present in both Ukraine and Syria. In both cases civil wars broke out. Now imagine if you are Russia and see the US Government And political leaders engaged in such action.

    The reason the American public is so ignorant of world affairs is because very little is covered. What we are fed are events such as today with pundits throughout explaining how THEY would be better and know more than those who are actually involved. I have a suspicion on why Trump has given almost equal weight to Russian denials as our own Intelligence. Remember the last “Syrian chemical attack”. It was widely reported by everyone as a chemical attack, except one. One American News actually had a reporter “on site” at the time and it wasn’t chemical at all, but dust in a tunnel. When our own Intelligence tells a President there has been a chemical attack and is proven false it undermines their credibility and thus other claims are suspect also.

  3. Mueller has found his “smoking gun”. He has indicted Maria Butina for sending two emails and coming to the US on a student visa. She was a big supporter of “gun rights” in Russia and MAY have even communicated with the “infamous” NRA. The charge is conspiracy. She EVEN used Twitter. This MUST be the end of the Trump Administration.

    • Yes so is the ONLY person to EVER come to America and for help with policy in their home land….LMAO

      Sad thing is SESSIONS is BLIND and STUPID and NEEDS FIRED and ROSEYSTAIN and SCUMueller DID TO BE INVESTIGATED for prosecutor overreach… back DECADES.

      • I do wonder if Mueller and the Democrats will use this to go after the NRA since they are one of the most effective groups in the country. The accompanying Affidavit does try to make some connections. If nothing else they could use the same tactics as others, Flynn e.g., to bankrupt the target.

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