Report Sessions Hasn’t Recused Himself in Uranium One Scandal, But…


A report form the free beacon states that sources deny Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the Uranium One corruption scandal. It is interesting because during the confirmation hearings he said three times he was recusing himself in all matters tied to Clinton and Russia.

DOJ officials told the Free Beacon that Sessions has not recused himself from deciding how the Justice Department should respond to recent reports raising questions about the Obama administration’s approval of a 2010 purchase of Uranium One, which controlled 20 percent of U.S. Uranium, by Russian energy company Rosatam.

Sessions can recommend an internal DoJ investigation. That’s an investigation where the DoJ investigates itself.

Trump has been very frustrated by the probe into Russian meddling in the election and Moscow’s alleged ties to the Trump campaign while at the same time, the potential scandals around Uranium One and the dossier are ignored.

Sessions’ recusal left Trump subject to an endless and limitless probe.

Sessions’ defenders point to his decision last week to lift a gag order on an FBI informant with detailed knowledge of a Russian bribery scheme linked to the Uranium One deal as evidence that is has not recused himself from the issue. The Obama-era DOJ had imposed the non-disclosure agreement and reportedly threatened the informant with litigation if he broke it.

That could be a good sign and positive proof that he is investigating.

However, listen to this next clip. The Fox legal expert Greg Jarret said that the DoJ appears to be looking at it every aspect of that corrupt Uranium One deal. But, and it’s a big ‘but’, the subjects of the potential corruption are also presiding over the Trump-Russia probe.


  1. ,Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said he did recuse himself, didn’t want to talk about it in a meeting with Sessions, now the DOJ says he has not recused himself? do they just don’t want it public? something going on behind closed doors?

    • Sessions is clearly a dishonest person. He has not formally recused but he has recused informally. It’s pretend.

  2. Too little, too late. No doubt Sessions is engaging in an 11th hours attempt to save himself. He has already tipped his hand letting us know where he personally stands on the matter of Elitists’ crimes… they are to be ignored to the greatest extent possible.

    Sessions can no longer be trusted. We have NO REASON to believe this AG would conduct an honest and aggressive investigation against the treasonous Deep State.

    Or is Sessions now convinced Mueller and Rosenstein has been afforded the necessary time to effectively bury all the bodies he’s discovered during the Trump/Russia hoax witch hunt?

  3. According to Ed Klein there are prosecutors in the Justice Department that have lobbied Sessions to pursue the Uranium case. Sessions has dismissed the concerns stating he doesn’t want to “politicize” the Justice Department by going after a “political opponent”.

    The likelihood that a majority in the Senate, Republicans that is, despises Trump is quite probable. It is not just an Institution, but a “club”, and anyone who has had the privilege to sit there have a bond that goes far beyond partisan politics. The few exceptions would be Rand Paul, and maybe Cruz, on occasion. Therefore, Sessions would likely have more camaraderie with them rather than Trump. Notice that camaraderie after the hostile grilling by certain Senators, and afterwards the cordial atmosphere between them and him. That was an eye-opener.

    For some reason Sessions is unwilling to contemplate the magnitude of what just happened in this past election. Evidence is mounting that the Clinton campaign, assisted by the administration, tried to subvert an election in numerous ways. One of the lawyers associated with FusionGPS was involved in the Don Jr. meeting and after the meeting, within days, the “Dossier investigation” began. Considering this meeting one has to only see the parallels with that Dossier and that meeting. Ed Klein has also revealed the unmasking was done in conjunction with the dossier.

    This is a serious matter, and circumstantial evidence all point in this direction. Looking back, Watergate itself was a purely political investigation and look where that led. It was the norm in party politics at that time. In the present case it isn’t about politics but more of a Constitutional Crisis. You have an administration, and a campaign who was Part of that administration, use every tool of Government to subvert the very essence of that Constitution.

    If the end of all this was Clinton losing and Trump taking office and only a memory of a dirty tricks campaign then maybe it could just be forgotten. But that is NOT where we are at. It is Because of ALL that there is now a Special Counsel going after anything and everything related to Trump, in the campaign and decades earlier. Since Mueller has NO bounds he likely won’t stop until he reaches the President himself on any charge he can imagine. THEN where will we be. Then it will be a Constitutional Crisis of an Epic Magnitude. THEN we will again ask, Where the Hell was AG SESSIONS. But it probably will not end there. Trump is NOT the type of person who will just quietly go away, as Nixon had done. No, he will use Twitter and all other media to galvanize his supporters and there will be such a revolution the likes of which has never been experienced.

    Finally, a disturbing note that Ed Klein mentioned was his sources in the FBI has relayed to him there is an on going effort to erase computer files and destroy documents.

  4. The excuses of Sessions are flimsy, indicating corruption. He isn’t going to do anything because he has decided not to do anything. A huge crisis may be coming, and Sessions will not intervene.

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