0 Dems, 22 R Senators voted for plan to balance the budget for pennies


Senator Rand Paul put forward a “Pennies Plan” to balance the budget. It would only require a slight cut of 1 percent. Americans support it, but politicians won’t. Only 22 Republican senators voted for it and no Democrats.

It. would balance the budget in five years.

More than half the Republicans are NOT for cutting spending, and they are “big government” Republicans, Paul says.

They wouldn’t even give an up-down on a cloture vote. When there’s a vote to cut spending, Republicans won’t do it.

“We understand no Democrats are for reducing spending up here for reducing the debt, not one,” the Kentucky Republican told “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday.

“The surprising thing to many people, over half the Republicans, I call them big government Republicans, are not for cutting spending either,” Paul added.

The Senators who supported debating the Paul plan are: Sens. Barrasso (R-WY); Blackburn (R-TN); Braun (R-IN); Cornyn (R-TX); Crapo (R-ID); Cruz (R-TX); Daines (R-MT); Ernst (R-IA); Fischer (R-NE); Grassley (R-IA); Isakson (R-GA); Kennedy (R-LA); Lankford (R-OK); Lee (R-UT); Paul (R-KY); Risch (R-ID); Romney (R-UT); Sasse (R-NE); Scott (R-SC); Shelby (R-AL); Tillis (R-NC); and, Toomey (R-PA).   The ones who didn’t are hypocrites who go home and pretend they do support balancing the budget.

The swamp just voted for a 19 billion dollar disaster bill with three Republicans objecting and not a dime is for the border wall.

According to the Debt Clock, the national debt is over $22.3 trillion, while every U.S. citizen owes $67,910 in debt and each taxpayer is on the hook for $181,885.

This is very dangerous and we are playing with fire.

Over the next 30 years, 40% of our budget will be interest on the debt. It becomes unsustainable.

At any point, if countries stop lending to us, we are in immediate jeopardy.


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