Biden backs down on Marxist critical race theory for the moment


For now, Biden backed down on Critical Race Theory. The Department of Education scrapped a plan to promote critical race theory in the school. However, the teachers are so intent on teaching it, would you place bets on it not being taught?

The Biden administration backed down over the weekend on a proposal to tie federal education grants to the implementation of critical race theory in public schools.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a victory thanks to parents and others like Christopher Rufo who are fighting this Marxist, anti-American racist ideology that goes under the false image of anti-racism. It teaches black children they have no hope.

However, you see where this administration is going and just how radical Left they are.

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona—a fierce advocate of critical race theory—announced on his website that the Department of Education was scaling back the initiative, which would have created a national incentive for public schools to adopt critical race theory.

Biden and Cardona backed down after receiving more than 35,000 public comments, most of which blasted the administration for attempting to nationalize this divisive ideology and promote it to local school districts.

“Here’s the upshot: our fight against critical race theory is winning in the court of public opinion and forcing political leaders to take action. We have now passed anti-critical race theory legislation in nine states and have pushed the Biden administration into a strategic retreat,” Rufo states.

It’s a good start.

Watch a lesson for adults:



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