Dem McCarthy hearings begin! Preliminary discussion with Dershowitz and Malkin


Democrats are conducting hearings today to discuss taking down Newsmax, Fox News, OAN, and anything they don’t like. CNN has been a driver of this.

They are just like the McCarthy hearings. If Democrats get their way, the First Amendment is finished. It is clearly an assault on the right to free speech.

Three Democrats signed a letter to shut down the traditional outlets, and this hearing is an outcome.

Democrats are using the January 6th riot to shut down free speech. Having the hearing intimidates the outlets and their ability to offer divergent opinions.

The hearings are like a Putin tactic to threaten outlets and force them to self-censor. It is hyperpartisan.

You would think the press would be worried about this. Elected officials are using their power to censor outlets they disagree with. It’s CCP censorship. The answer is always more speech but Democrats don’t want to debate. They think they are right and their opinion is the only way.

Watch Dershowitz and Malkin discuss the issue prior to the hearings:

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