100% of Iowa Caucus has Bernie leading in popular votes, Pete winning with delegates


The Iowa Democratic Party announced that 100 percent of the precincts were reporting results showing Pete Buttigieg leads in delegates with 564.012 state delegates equivalents while Bernie Sanders receives 562.497 SDEs.

However, Sanders has a large lead in popular votes with 43,671 votes to Buttigieg’s 37,557 votes.

Chris Cuomo suggested Buttigieg was the winner as he anchored Buttigieg’s town hall.

Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg were in an extremely tight contest and the results are riddled with errors and inconsistencies.

The Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez has demanded a recanvassing of the caucus results this evening.

“Enough is enough,” Perez said in a tweet. “In light of the problems that have emerged in the implementation of the delegate selection plan and in order to assure public confidence in the results, I am calling on the Iowa Democratic Party to immediately begin a recanvass.”

Perez cannot order a recanvass on his own as the Iowa caucus is run by the state party. But Perez’s statement puts pressure on state party Chairman Troy Price to begin a recanvass, Bloomberg reports.

This is such a disaster that people are wondering if it was deliberate.

It’s very odd that the wife of the man who managed Pete Buttigieg’s campaign is the CEO of the company that created the app responsible for the caucus disaster in Iowa.

Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, believes it’s a plot to take out Bernie. Maybe, but it seems more like a case of them being too incompetent to be crooked.


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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Once you connect dots it looks very crooked

Philadelphia Freedom
Philadelphia Freedom
3 years ago

If Bernie isn’t kneecapped by his comrades then we’ll have communism vs. capitalism for 2020. Good thing we have a NYC brawler at the helm.
Tulsi will get the Ron Paul treatment and Lil’ Mikey Bloomberg will buy his way in because he thinks that Trump bought the election.
Trump has a message of populism and America first that resonates with everyday people.
That kind of magic, a billionaire with populist appeal could only happen in America.