God only talks to Mitt about Trump


Utah Sen. Mitt Romney said he expects he’ll face “unimaginable” consequences for breaking with his party.

“I don’t know what they’ll be, there’s some I know,” Romney said in an interview released by New York Time’s “Daily” podcast Thursday when asked what consequences he anticipates from the decision.

“I know they’ll be a consequence and I just have to recognize that and do what you think is right,” Romney added.

In the interview, which was conducted shortly before he announced his decision Wednesday morning, Romney declared again that he had to vote to convict Trump, because “This for me is fundamental to my oath to God .”


Odd how he felt no such call from God when the House denied the President due process, the presumption of innocence and wouldn’t allow him to have an attorney present during the impeachment until the end. When House Democrats presented witnesses, who were just legal talking heads, they had three and only allowed Republicans one.

Funny, how he wasn’t bothered by Obama sending cash and gold in the dead of night to Iran.

When Obama used the IRS to acquire the identities of Trump supporters and then went after them, Romney didn’t hear God’s call.

A former Obama administration official influenced the election in Israel and again, St. Mitt was silent.

The examples are endless. God only talks to Mitt when it concerns Donald Trump.

Republicans are “very upset” according to Sen. Mike Lee.


The President has been hammering him on Twitter.

Lou Dobbs a host of the Fox Business Network said on his show Wednesday night that there is no place in the Republican Party for someone like Utah Sen. Mitt Romney.

“Romney is going to be associated with Judas, Brutus, Benedict Arnold forever, when he is not even a footnote in a footnote otherwise, because of his betrayal,” Dobbs said Wednesday evening, after Romney’s sanctimonious decision to vote to convict the President of abuse of power.

He called Romney “pitiful” and “pathetic.”

Ed Rollins, the co-chairman of the Donald Trump Great America PAC, added that he’s essentially no longer even a Republican.

“Romney said when he’s running for the Senate, ‘I’m not a Reagan Republican,’” Rollins noted. “He’s now not a Trump Republican. There are no Romney Republicans.”

Romney will likely become a pariah in the party and perhaps in Utah. North and South Utahans are infuriated with him. There is also a recall effort underway.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

He thinks he is Spartacus just like Booker, both phony hypocrites with no moral centers.

Pointy Clown Shoes
Pointy Clown Shoes
3 years ago

If Mittens changes parties he could run as Pierre Delecto with Carlos Danger as his running mate.
Honk Honk!

3 years ago

Romney using God as an excuse is worse than blaming Russia for everything from toenail fungus to halitosis. It’s an irresponsible behavior response for incompetence and self deceit. Romney proclaimed he boxed but hes not a fighter. He didn’t fight for the presidency and he wouldn’t have fought for the people of the US. He said he played Chess, a mental game of maneuvering and planning several moves ahead. What did he hope to achieve on this last maneuver to impeach our president other than thepetty vengeance of a loser? On both counts he boxed himself in. I hope UT does remove him from the senate. He isn’t any good for UT or the US. He can’t be trusted as he has no honor. And who but an “assinmind”, sanctimonious, hypocrite would use the AKA Pierre Delecto as his alter ego? Not only is Romney a hypocrite but a kinky hypocrite.

Shirley bloomer
Shirley bloomer
3 years ago

I hope he gets put out of senate and I hope he joins democrats cause he is one.GRRRRRRRRRRRR