100,000 Afghans scam our visa program to get to the US


There are frantic calls to rescue Afghan interpreters and it seems the merciful thing to do, only it’s a scam. We’re apparently taking Afghanistan with us on our way out.

The House has voted overwhelmingly to allow in thousands more of the Afghans who allegedly worked alongside Americans in the Afghanistan war. According to the absurdly fallacious numbers, every 2 soldiers had an interpreter. These future Democrats have large families who can come as well.

Then there’s the family reunification program which allows them to get the extended ‘family’ to America.

Before the withdrawal, there were some 2,500 American soldiers in Afghanistan. After the withdrawal, there are around 600 soldiers left behind. However, there are 20,000 so-called Afghan interpreters applying for Special Immigrant Visas.

“There are approximately 20,000 Afghans who have applied,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters.

The government estimates 100,000 Afghans will be admitted despite the evidence they will likely not assimilate. If the government says 100,000, double it, at least. They all want to come to the land of plenty — plenty of wealth redistributed welfare.

As the government holds our borders open, they will spend trillions for permanent, expansive welfare.

Land of Plenty

By 2017, SIVs made up a quarter of migrants receiving refugee resettlement assistance.

In one year, SIVs managed to account for 13% of the State Department’s resettlement programs and 8% of HHS’ refugee resettlement programs.

Even those SIV migrants who were employed could still be living off American taxpayers with a GAO report noting that “of those SIV households receiving earnings from employment, 89 percent were also receiving income through Refugee Cash Assistance, Matching Grant, or TANF programs, which is slightly higher than the rate of the overall refugee population.”

One Screener for 18,000 Applicants

Don’t worry says the media. They will all be screened. However, a pro-SIV (Special Immigration Visa) report noted, “As of 2019, the State Department only had one analyst conducting security checks for the backlog of over 18,000 applications.”

It doesn’t matter. Biden will let them all in any way. They are all future Democrat voters.

Psaki said those are all former translators for the military or other entities, whom the Taliban have targeted.

However, the United States will also consider applications by the families of the interpreters, she said, without specifying how many family members would be allowed.

Daniel Greenfield writes that 70,000 Iraqis and Afghans came here on the so-called translator/interpreter visas from 2007 to 2017. And 48,601 of those special visas or SIVs went to Afghans. At its peak, under Obama, there were 100,000 American soldiers in Afghanistan. That’s an “interpreter” to every 2 soldiers. By March 2021, 100,000 Afghans and Iraqis had been approved for SIVs.
Aside from the financial expense of bringing tens of thousands of migrants from a failed state to America, there are terrorism and criminal risks.

That’s not a problem for Democrats.

Greece now has women being beaten in the public square. We are headed in the same direction.

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