Greece shocked over Muslim women beaten in the public square


by The Watchman

Greece is shocked as Sharia law arrives

“Islamic police” in the center of Athens: Muslim women beaten in Vathis square!

Germany and London may have learned to tolerate these parallel societies, but this is a first in Greece…and a dangerous precedent that must be eliminated.

Translation of the linked article:

The infamous Sharia police are a terrifying phenomenon that we have seen in other European capitals, mainly in London.

Watch the relevant video in the link from London to understand what we mean.

The Hellenic Solution commented: “The allegations of beating a Muslim woman in the center of Athens by an Islamist gang, that identifies itself as ‘Sharia police’, poses a great national danger. At a time when thousands of police officers are working to control the “masking” of the Greeks, the “hoods” of the Islamists are acting uncontrollably. The competent minister managed “to turn Athens into Kabul”.

[Is Europe prepared for Sharia law and the new way of life that the EU wants to force on them with its woke, multicult fantasies?]

Many parts of the West EU bloc are already cooked and its leaders, like Mark Rutte and Emmanuel Macron, have already accepted its fate. Meanwhile, Master Draghi of Italy, instead of closing the ports, wants to destroy Europe slowly by spreading these aggressive males from alien cultures across the bloc.

V4 and CEE states made decisions years ago based on certain expectations. Committing Europe to mass migration, multicult, federalism, and woke ‘alphabet values’ were not part of the deal.

The time has come to move forward in another direction.

Greece, too, needs to ask itself: How has the EU and heavy influence of Germany impacted its economy, culture, and way of life?

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Damnation and a Day
Damnation and a Day
2 years ago

All vacuums will be sealed courtesy of Lady Nature.
Coexist faculty lounge crack pipe fairy tales will be smashed to piece on the wheel of reality.

In the beginning
Good always overpowered the evils
Of all man’s sins…
But in time
The nations grew weak
And our cities fell to slums
While evil stood strong
In the dusts of hell
Lurked the blackest of hates
For he whom they feared
Awaited them… Now many many lifetimes later
Lay destroyed, beaten, beaten down
Only the corpses of rebels
Ashes of dreams
And blood stained streets
It has been written
“Those who have the youth have the future”
So come now, children of the beast
Be strong and Shout at the Devil

2 years ago

Sharia Law sees woman as little more than chattel. Communist don’t have a high regard for women either.