100K+ Afghan refugees Biden’s bringing to the US can’t be vetted in time


According to Pew Research, 39% of Afghans report that suicide bombings in the name of Islam are sometimes or often justified. That’s over 14 million people. Only the Palestinians agree in such large numbers.

The Biden administration claims that the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Afghans coming to the US for resettlement are fully vetted. How then is it possible there were so many green-on-blue crimes and so many murders of compatriot Afghans?

Sean Parnell said the Afghans he worked with didn’t even know their own birthdates.

There is no way to fully vet these people on the fly with all this chaos. According to Bloomberg, the Biden administration is screening while in the air before they are transferred to the United States.

“U.S. agencies are doing security screening while flights are in the air and when refugees arrive at temporary locations before being transferred to the U.S., including Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Italy, Spain, and Germany.”

There is a lot more.


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