What is really happening in Afghanistan


Shots were fired at a rescue plane and it’s being done to intimidate Biden and his weak staff.

All the flights in Kabul are canceled for now because of a complex suicide bombing attack at the airport.

A rescuer in Afghanistan at the Hamid Karzai International Airport spoke with the NY Post about the reality. Jariko Denman is a former Army Ranger who is now working to get former Afghan colleagues and families out of Afghanistan.

He writes:

It’s more like trying to pick up someone who doesn’t speak your language out of a crowd. At a f–king death metal concert at Madison Square Garden.

And it’s at triple capacity.

And only one door is open.

And the place is on fire.

I’m not a religious person, but the word that comes to mind is “biblical.” It’s like Hurricane Katrina meets Dien Bien Phu.

Anyone who has ever been deployed would recognize HKIA’s entry control points: big barricades with multiple checkpoints. When you get to the last one, that’s Taliban. And then the Taliban kind of spit them out at us.

So when we went out to get our people, I was 5 meters — 15 feet — from the Taliban multiple times. Like, just kicking it. Wild feeling for a guy who spent his career in the military as an Army Ranger with 15 deployments.

But with the main checkpoints a mess, people are improvising. There’s a gray-water canal that the refugees found, and if you can get across the canal to the walls of the airport, you don’t have to go through the Taliban.

So on the walls are Marines and other Americans and every kind of coalition force — Norwegians, Belgians, Swedes, Canadians, French. And the Afghans will yell for the nationality they worked for — “I’m looking for Canadians!” — trying to connect with their guys. And soldiers will yell back, asking them for paperwork.

The lip is about 10 to 12 feet high. If you jumped into the canal, you’d probably get hurt. And you’d be thigh-deep in s–t water. If someone hoping to use the canal has the right paperwork or our blue passport, the troops will yell across, “Come on,” and that someone will jump in the s–t water and come across. Others, who don’t have passports, might just hang out down there and beg for the foreign service members to let them up, showing a bunch of random paperwork.

So, the guidance is — well, I haven’t seen any guidance from anywhere…

Dennis Michael Lynch talks with Lt. Col. Shaffer about what is really happening in Afghanistan in this podcast.

Is the situation in Afghanistan this bad and is Biden that stupid?

Afghanistan is the result of the culture. The culture never embraced the Western ideals and that’s why the culture welcomed the Taliban back.

Biden failed the people who did help us by pulling US forces out first. Shaffer said the US should bring the military back in to save the people. [Biden is bringing in anonymous refugees, not necessarily people we want.]

China is involved and Obama vetoed things that would have helped the country.


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