11 shot in Minneapolis as wild brawls ensue


“As President Trump reminded the world yesterday…. the top 20 largest declining cities in America are run by Democrats. They have a lot in common and most of them show a steep decline in morality, community, and hope
~ David J.Harris Jr

Where are the ambassadors and social workers who are meant to answer these 911 calls instead of the police? Minneapolis voted to dismantle the police and the police are forced to have a reduced presence. Minneapolis promises to become a far worse city and it already has three times the crime rate of the average US city.

In the wake of this stupidity, eleven people were shot in Minneapolis after midnight on Sunday morning. There were reports of up to 100 people brawling using “various weapons.” One person was killed.

An officer who responded to the scene appears to have shot into a car. No one was hurt and we don’t know why he did it, but the NAACP insists the officer be punished and six people in the car complained.

The politicians unleashed the hounds of hell on the city with their constant denigrating of the police who risk their lives every day to protect them.

It is a privilege not to be shot, I suppose.

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